Mbànte Dinner 3rd Edition

The 3rd Edition of Mbànte Dinner is a unique and culturally rich culinary event that took place last Saturday October 28 at the Stadthalle in Eberbach, featuring the presence of various artists and performers from Cameroon and Senegal. Such events are a great opportunity to experience the cuisine, culture, and entertainment of different regions from Africa and particularly from Cameroon “Africa in Miniature – The Continent“.

The participation of Eberbach’s Mayor Mr. Peter Reichert, in cultural events like the Mbànte Dinner 3rd Edition in Eberbach is indeed significant. Their presence can help strengthen community bonds, promote cultural exchange, and showcase the value of diversity within the community. It’s encouraging to see support for such events from local leaders. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Reichert for been present and for wearing african print which was the dresscode of the event. In Cameroon we will say: “Monsieur le maire et Madame ont porté le complet complet“, meaning Mr. Mayor and Madame have worn the same outfit during Mbànte Dinner.

The presence of someone like retired pastor and dean Ekkehard Leytz, who had a significant impact on the early stages of Mbànte in Eberbach in 2020. This adds a deep and personal connection to the event. It underscores the importance of community and cultural relationships and how they can evolve and strengthen over time. These connections help create a sense of belonging and unity within a community, making events like the Mbànte Dinner even more special. Thank you Mr. & Mrs Leytz!

It’s wonderful to acknowledge the contributions of Pastor Gero Albert, the General Director of the Eberbach community center, in facilitating the culinary part of Mbànte Dinner this year. Their support in allowing the culinary part of Mbànte Dinner to take place is pivotal in the success of such cultural events play a crucial role in bringing communities together and creating spaces for cultural exchange. A heartfelt thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Albert for their presence at Mbànte Dinner.

It’s fascinating to learn about the evolution of the Mbànte Dinner concept and its growth from the 1st and 2nd Editions to the significant development in the 3rd Edition. The idea of bringing cultures together and emphasizing the collaborative aspect is powerful and inspiring. Mrs. Sandrine Douandju‘s vision in 2019 in Heidelberg and the appeal to all community’s commitment worldwide to building and contributing to the success of Mbànte Dinner reflect a wonderful sense of unity and shared purpose.

The proverb “Plusieurs mains attachent la boule de Koki“, from Cameroon beautifully captures the essence of collaboration and the strength that comes from working together toward a common goal. Indeed, many hands make light work, and it will be heartening in the near future to see this philosophy being applied to cultural events like the Mbànte Dinner.

Sandrine Douandju – Founder of Mbànte