About Us

Mbànte is first of all a culinary project which not only takes health into consideration, but also considers the pleasure of taste buds. Be it with pastries or with complex African delicacies, Mbànte makes it a rule to respond to its customers’ needs.

Another goal of the Mbànte project, is to promote the African culture.  Mbàŋte or Mbànte means delicacies or vitamins, in one of the Cameroonian language Ngiemboon.

There is no event without culinary design as we all know, therefore not without Mbànte. Mbànte is specialized in production of fruits spreads, syrups, liquors, seasoning jars and pastry mixes.

Founded and designed by D.S.

Pastry Art

Cake decoration, cake design and more

Culinary Art

Seasoning pots for quick cooking, culinary arts and more


Cooking and pastry workshops