Mbànte Dinner

Since September 17, 2021 Mbànte offers you every year a unique Dinner! Its main objective is to promote African culture in general, and Cameroon culture in particular, through its fine and exquisite products with African flavors. All these to make life easier for consumers and customers, thanks to a range of products intended exclusively for direct use, allowing them to save time. The choice of the setting, the menu, and the activities are made meticulously to guarantee you an unforgettable culinary and artistic experience.

Mbànte Dinner 3rd Edition – Stadthalle Eberbach

Furthermore another goal of this dinner is to bring artists, group of artists, musicians and talents together.

Kandara Diebaté & Band

Our future goal will be to support our several actions/projects “school fees for orphans” in Cameroon!

Pouponniere Saint Kisito de Nkolbisson – Cameroon